Print on synthetic fabrics

Volume of the order  Price for 1 sq.m. without VAT
From 100-200 m 2,50 $
From 200-500 m 2,20 $
From 500 m by agreement


The use of modern printing technologies on fabrics makes it possible to decorate with a bright pattern not only natural material, but also synthetic. In order for the print on a synthetic canvas to be of high quality, sublimation technology is used. What is the uniqueness of this method?

Sublimation printing on fabric is not suitable for all materials. This is a synthetic polyester fabric, which must contain at least sixty percent of man-made fibers. It is worth noting the background of the base: the highest quality and contrast image during sublimation will come out only on light material.

Features and benefits of technology

The process of transferring an image to a synthetic canvas is relatively easy, which is why it is very popular for roll printing. With the help of a print, the illustration is placed on a paper basis. The ink on the printed sheet should dry well. After that, everything needs to be placed in such a way that the pigment is in contact with the matter. The resulting workpiece is placed under a heat press and baked. Then everything is carefully taken out, photographic paper is removed, cooled and dried.

After getting liquid paint on paper, it gradually dries. Under the influence of high temperature indicators, the pigment instantly passes into another state. Under pressure, the "colored" steam moves into the heated polyester fibers, where it is fixed. After cooling, the threads of the fabric harden again, and the paint is inside the material. In other words, the pattern “combines” with the canvas into one whole, without changing the structure and characteristics of the fabric.

Fabric sublimation is carried out on large professional equipment using special inks. They must be exclusively water-based and with a certain concentration of pigments. In order to be able to convey the desired color shades with a high level of accuracy, our employees always take into account the type of paints used.

Our company "Afimex" provides profitable and fast printing on synthetic fabrics according to your individually designed model. We provide favorable conditions for cooperation, optimal prices, flexible approach and quik service. You can always contact our manager to place an order and clarify all the nuances!

How do we print

We apply the image to synthetic fabrics using sublimation digital printing technology. For this technology, the main requirement for the fabric is the presence of at least 65-75% polyester in the composition. It is polyester that is the carrier of dyes, so the more it is in the composition, the higher the quality of the print and the brightness of the color. We can guarantee the quality of the print on our fabrics. If you wish to print on your own fabric, a test print will be required to check the suitability of the material.

We do not save on ink and paper. We have established direct supplies of these materials, which allows us to guarantee high quality for our customers.

The quality of printing on fabric depends on the quality of the model! You can download the requirements for models above on this page of the site. We can help you prepare models or do them for you, but this is agreed separately. For printing on synthetic fabrics, models must be prepared in CMYK color format, from 360 to 1440 dpi. It is better to prepare models in 1:1 scale and in vector. We prefer ESP, PSD, AI, PNG.

The technology of printing on synthetic fabrics using sublimation provides for an intermediate image carrier, namely: special sublimation paper. At this stage, your image is printed on paper in a mirror image. The quality of the print is controlled, the compliance of the received print on paper with the requirements of the Customer.

With the help of a heat press, sublimation paper with a print is placed on the fabric. The paper roll and fabric roll are automatically unwound and enter the high temperature heat press (170 to 250 degrees Celsius). In this case, special ink enters the state of steam and chemically combines with polyester fibers. It is this process, this chemical bonding process, that makes sublimation the best technology for printing on synthetic fabrics. This ensures unrivaled color vibrancy and print durability for all exposures.

Delivery is possible on a self-delivery basis, or in any way convenient for you: courier delivery or delivery by mail. We can work with foreign buyers. Afimex is accredited by customs and has extensive experience in foreign economic activity.