Digital printing on fabric in rolls

On natural fabrics

Basic questions regarding digital printing on fabrics in roll.

We accept orders from 50 sq.m. We can print an order of a smaller volume, but adding the transport costs for its delivery, you will understand that it is not advisable to order such a volume. 

These 50 sq.m. can be typed in a variety of prints, for example, 3-5 m.

At the moment, we can guarantee the quality of printing on cotton fabrics, on blended fabrics with a cotton content of at least 50%. It is important that the fabric has a finished edge and does not stretch too much along the roll, as then image distortion is possible.

No, our company is currently mastering the technology of printing on natural silk. Follow our pages on social networks. We will definitely report and post examples of our work as soon as we can 100% guarantee the quality of the print.

For printing on natural fabric, we accept the following layout file formats: TIF, TIFF, BMP, JPG, PNG, PSD, GDS, PS, EPS, AI, PDF, CDR. In particular, please note that the quality of the print critically depends on the quality of the model. To ensure maximum quality, we recommend using vector images, or bitmaps formed from vector images. This will ensure maximum brightness of colors and clarity of lines.

Unfortunately, today we do not develop models for designs ourselves. You will have to develop model of print, or contact a professional designer.

On synthetic fabrics

Basic questions regarding print on synthetic fabrics (sublimation).

Sublimation technology allows you to apply prints on fabrics with a polyester structure of at least 50-60%. However, color vibrancy and print quality increase as the polyester content of the fabric increases. We recommend using sublimation with a polyester structure of 85-90%. We accept orders for printing on synthetic fabrics, both on the customer's raw materials and on our base fabrics, the list of which you can find in the corresponding section of the site.

During its work, Afimex has already completed orders for printing supplex swimwear from Italy, sportswear, flags, branded and printed reusable masks, stage decorations, various covers and other things. The list of possible products is too wide to list everything. It is only limited by your imagination!

The usual printing time for small and medium orders is 1-3 days. In some cases, it is possible to fulfill orders "day-to-day", but, as a rule, orders are carried out on a first-come, first-served basis. A specific date will be agreed upon confirmation of the order.

We set ourselves the goal of comprehensive customer service from the supply of fabrics, printing, to the development of models and patterns, sewing finished products. Now we already offer a short list of basic natural and synthetic fabrics, which are almost always in stock, and with which we know how to work well. We import fabrics from the EU (Italy, Poland) under direct contracts with manufacturers. You can see our fabric samples if you visit us.

Digital textile printing is a fast printing technology, and quite inexpensive for small print runs. The presence of various modern professional equipment gave every chance for the technology to become highly competitive.

Roll digital printing makes it possible to produce designer clothes with places for printing in the required quantity. Colorful attractive shades, deep dark color, sharp lines.

While performing direct digital printing on fabric, the following procedures are expected. The specialists of our company know all the subtleties and features of this work. We offer favorable prices, efficiency of order fulfillment and quality printing.

Direct digital printing of fabrics does not require any pre-treatment and any complex procedures. The technology involves the use of the same type of ink that is used in screen printing.

Benefits of using digital textile printing

Why is this type of printing so popular?
⭐ A high level of image detail.
⭐ Optimum optical resolution, the size of which will depend on the quality and type of material.
⭐The image made on the fabric can withstand multiple washes and does not lose its attractiveness. The fabric can be washed and ironed, it does not fade in direct sunlight.
⭐Thanks to the use of environmentally friendly and safe paints, the structure of the fabric is completely preserved, which allows it to "breathe".
⭐ Image acquisition speed on fabric rolls. This method is especially valuable when you need to get printed on fabric urgently.
If you need direct printing on fabric, our company offers reliable cooperation! We have extensive experience in this work, so we will find an individual approach to each customer and perform the work at a high level. Specialists will calculate the cost, depending on the image and the number of paints used, after you send us your model. Our company will take on a relatively small amount of printing on fabrics in a roll in order to realize any of your design ideas. To clarify information or place an order, contact the manager in any convenient way!