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5% of the order is sent to the army of Ukraine

Fabric printing services

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Fabric with print

Making customised fabrics
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Printing on fabric in Kyiv at an affordable price

Beautiful and high-quality printing on fabric, whether it is a drawing, print, photo, logo, image or picture, will always attract attention. You can always order such services in Kyiv and Ukraine at an affordable price at Afimex.

The mission of Business

Fabric printing
Why do we print on fabrics

We set ourselves the goal of providing designers and garment manufacturers with unique fabrics, with the help of which our partners could offer a unique product to the market. Also now our goal is to provide the inhabitants of Ukraine with jobs in wartime. Now we continue our business and thereby strengthen the Ukrainian economy and help it survive Russian aggression.

Print on fabric

Do you need high quality printing on fabric? Our company "Afimex" will perform this service with great pleasure, offering a completely new printing technology!

Printing on fabric in rolls is in great demand for modern clothing manufacturers who strive to keep up with fashion. All manufacturers try to make their products and prints on fabrics unique.Thanks to this approach, you can show not only your individuality, but also the uniqueness of products.

Modern high-speed equipment quickly prints, this most used tailoring production ensures the supply of quality printed fabric.

Why do clients choose us?

Quality equipment

Printing on fabrics is carried out on high-quality equipment

Quality materials

Our team provides supplies from the best manufacturers from around the world

Competitive prices

Prices for goods and services are always favorable. Call us. We will agree.

Make an order
New printing technology allows you to get a durable image on natural fabrics

Printing technology similar to sublimation on synthetic fabrics. This technology allows you to quickly and accurately print on natural fabrics. We accept orders for any quantity from 10 м

We offer

We have direct contracts with fabric manufacturers, thanks to which the fabrics that we supply are of stable quality.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Natural fabric — 4,0$-6,5$ per square meter + fabric cost.
Sinthetic fabric — 2,0$-4,5$ per square meter + fabric cost.                                                                                                                                          Individual cost calculation is carried out according to your model.

The price does not include transportation. Sending products comes from Kyiv

It is desirable to provide the model in curved lines (ai, cdr, eps), or in a raster image in tiff format. The size is at least 150-300dpi. CMYK color layout.

Send the layout to e-mail

We take orders from 50 meters. (We can accept smaller quantities, but the price will be much higher)

We print on fabric in a roll. Your finished products can be printed in a cut for further tailoring.

As a result of the aggression of the russian federation, Ukraine lost thousands of human lives, infrastructure and economy. russia shows itself as a terrorist country. Our production is located in Kyiv. Blitzkrieg and the capture of Kyiv failed in the russian federation. Thanks to the support of our Western partners and the courage of Ukrainians, we survived. Our country needs weapons and a strong economy in order to win this war. We work in Kyiv, we send 5% of the money received to support the army. Support us with an order, support Ukraine.
Glory to Ukraine!

A representative office of our company is organized in Austria. All communication can be conducted with our representative by phone +4367764331142. We are not always ready to answer, but we will definitely call you back.

Delivery of products can be carried out both directly from the factory from Kyiv, and through our representative in Austria.

High quality print on

natural and synthetic fabrics

The print on custom fabric is produced on the qualitative professional equipment.
✅ We provide services quikly.
✅ There are direct deliveries of material from world-famous manufacturing companies.
✅ Various print formats.
✅ Individual approach to each client.
✅ Possibility of realization of large-scale orders.
✅ All inks are of high quality, which guarantee safety and hypoallergenicity.
✅ Favorable prices.

A beautiful and high-quality print on the fabric will always attract attention. This material has a wide range of applications - that's why it's in such high demand. You can design print by yourself or you can seek help from an experienced specialist. 

Stages of cooperation

Fabric choice. We form in stock fabrics from different manufacturers. You can choose a fabric from our fabric catalog or offer your own fabric for printing. The estimated cost has already been calculated and indicated on the website in the catalog. The cost of products is indicated without transportation. Sending is made from Kyiv.
Model. The client sends us a file with a clear image for printing.
Model approval. We clarify all the available details, after which we agree with You on the final terms of reference.
Starting work. The company's specialist launches the fabric for printing according to the developed technical specifications after receiving the prepayment.
☛ Within a few days, printing is made on rolls of fabric. After payment, the order is sent by any transportation service convenient for the client.
We always put the wishes of our customers in the first place, as we are no less interested than you! We are ready to offer everyone a flexible approach and profitable cooperation on an ongoing basis.

Contact us, we will be glad to everyone!