Natural printing on fabric

Print on natural fabric Cost per 1 sq.m. printing
From 50 sq.m. 3,0$-6,5 $

Printing on natural fabrics is the production of images, patterns, ornaments by applying special textile inks to the fabric. This service is very popular and in demand today!

Natural printed fabric is used for various purposes: tailoring, bed linen or home decor. Colorful drawings will enliven even the simplest clothes. The new printing technology is able to perform any drawing on the material, from a simple inscription / numbers, logos, to color images and photos. 

For natural fabric, digital printing technology is used, which:
⭐ involves the rapid transfer of the image without a preparatory stage;
⭐ creates high-quality drawings with detail, using a variety of color shades;
⭐  colors the fabric well and can withstand multiple washes.

Digital printing on natural fabrics is done with high quality inks, so the material will not cause skin irritation.

If you are interested in this service, please contact us to discuss all the details! We guarantee reliable cooperation and individual approach!


Продукция из напечатанной ткани   Уникальная продукция из напечатанной ткани

Our customers have made their products from the fabric printed by us. Order a unique fabric design available only to you. Choose a design and fabrics and we will be happy to print it for you.

How do we print

In the case of an order for printing over 50 square meters, the cost is calculated depending on the model that is placed in print. In this case, the cost of the service may drop to $4 per square meter. If your order is from 50 square meters or you are just ready for long-term mutually beneficial cooperation, send your model for calculation.

First, together with the client, we choose the fabric for printing. We always have a certain set of basic fabrics in stock. You can find them in the "Fabrics" section. We can also offer custom-made fabrics from our partners from Italy, Poland, etc. The equipment setting depends significantly on the density and texture of the selected fabric, on the print and on the saturation or brightness of the colors. Our base fabrics are matched to the appropriate settings. If you want to print on your own fabrics, then we will need to choose a print mode to get a quality result.

The quality of printing on fabric depends on the quality of the model! For printing on natural fabrics, models must be prepared in CMYK color format, from 300 dpi. It is better to prepare models in 1:1 scale and in vector. We prefer ESP, PSD, AI, PNG. We can adjust the model, but at the moment we do not have a full-fledged designer to finalize and prepare the model. If revisions are required, it will take longer to process your print order. Keep this in mind when preparing the model for work.

After choosing the fabric and preparing the models, we can start printing directly. Printing is done on the newest equipment. The application is processed in order of priority. Print quality control is performed continuously. In case of problems, we promptly eliminate them. Video recording of all operations is carried out in order to improve the quality and speed of work performed by our employees.

To improve the durability of the print, we use a heat press. The fabric is processed at 170 degrees Celsius for 1.5 minutes. This allows you to maximize the resistance of the print to mechanical and chemical influences, as well as exposure to sunlight. After fixing the print with a thermal press, the quality of the print is once again checked by our specialists. Thus, we have a two-stage quality control. If you do not fix with a heat press, we cannot guarantee the quality of the resulting image.

Delivery is possible on a self-delivery basis, or in any way convenient for you: courier delivery or delivery by post. We can work with foreign buyers. AfimEx is accredited by customs and has extensive experience in foreign economic activity.

We work for results. Our main task is to provide customers with quality services, excellent products and prompt service. We are sure that if you contact us once, you will definitely return with new orders. With a reliable partner, we will capture all markets!