Footer double warp


Footer double warp Characteristics
Weaving: double warp
Color: white
Structure: cotton 95%,
lycra 5%
Gage: 220 ±
10 g/m.sq.
Width: 180сm
Number of m in kg
2,2 m
Unprinted fabric price per kg 12$ kg
5,45$ m*
Printing price per 1 sq.m. 4,00$ — 6,50 $
Printed fabric price
per running meter
(Theoretical calculation):
8,23$ - 17,48$

Footer double warp fabric is available for printing. 

Order over 30 m.p. calculated individually depending on the model.

The price is calculated according to the theoretical characteristics of the fabric.
Taking into account the possible deformation of the fabric, the final price will be formed upon completion of the order.