Printing on cotton

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Footer double warp
Footer double warp 220g
Interlock 220g
Stretch Single Jersey (Textile)
Stretch Single Jersey (Textile) 160-170g.
Three-fold thread
Three-fold thread 315g.

Cotton is a natural "breathable" material that has a wide range of applications. The main feature of this material is excellent thermoregulation and a high level of strength.

Printing on cotton is a special technology for applying a color image to natural fabrics. In this case, it is best to use direct digital printing (with pigment ink). This technology will effectively solve such urgent problems as: tailoring of original clothes, production of bed linen and interior fabric. Using the direct printing method for cotton material, a durable pattern is created that does not fade over time, as it is firmly absorbed into the fabric.

Regardless of the level of complexity of the text or graphic design, everything will be transferred to the fabric in rolls without difficulty. Direct printing on cotton will ensure the highest quality:
✅ small lines will be extremely distinct;
✅ transition zones are harmonious and natural;
✅ will remain the same attractive for a long time;
✅ the image is not afraid of ultraviolet and ironing.

But you need to wash such a fabric with extreme care (without bleach, on a hand / delicate wash, at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees), and then it will last a long time.

Benefits of Digital Printing for Cotton Fabric

Drawing an image on a special professional printer has its own individual features and advantages:

✅ The coloring and clarity of the resulting images.

✅ Operative preparation of fabric before work.

✅ High resolution (in the case when it comes to pictures and photos).

✅ Fast execution of orders of different sizes.

✅ Before printing, our experienced specialists treat the fabric with a special impregnation to prevent the fabric from spreading. And after - thermal fixation of the print is made.

✅ The cost of the service depends on: the number of meters of material, the selected printing method and the type of image.

Our company "Afimex" has modern professional high-tech equipment, and all employees are experienced specialists who know the intricacies and features of the work. If necessary, we will advise each client who needs digital or sublimation printing on cotton.

Choosing our company, you choose: high quality and reliability!