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We are ready to assist you in a personnel selection: senior and middle managers, accountants, lawyers and other employees.


We will help you to build a team of true professionals and orginize your company's presence in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland, Tunisia or China in the most effective way.

Selection of skilled personnel and team is the key to success when entering new markets. Only well-motivated, experienced and energetic employees will be able to get the maximum result in the shortest possible time.


Подберем сотрудников в других странах


AfImEx team with pleasure:

- provides recruiting of employees of any level (from top managers to warehouse staff);

- will analyze labor market , will give recommendations on the level of wages and the most effective form of motivation;

- will organize preliminary interviews with our HR specialists and prepare candidates for personal meetings or skype with you;

- will make a team of specialists to work on outsourcing (if you do not plan a permanent representation).

These services are available if you are our customers!

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