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Analysis of the Baltic Packaging Materials Market

•The flexible packaging market of Lithuania is the largest of three countries of the Baltic region. There is also the largest number of producers and traders in this segment.
•The Latvian market has the development for making  the export direction into account. 
•In each country there is an Association that lobbies the interests of manufactures of packaging or polymer products and also gathers certain market statistics.
•Polymers are the most popular material for packaging production in the Baltic States.
1. General indicators of the packaging and packing materials market in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia:
The Baltic flexible packaging market reflects the trends of the European market which is steadily growing by 2-4% per year. The progression of packaging demand happens under the influence of a number of factors from year to year and the economic development plays a key role in influencing the market size and growth. There are diagrams below with the main monetary indicators of the market:
Количество производителей упаковки  Общие продажи упаковки и товаров в упаковкеУраковка в деньгахСтоимость упаковочной активности
2. Latvian Packaging Association.
The Latvian Packaging Association unites packaging, trade enterprises, as well as users and experts. LatvijasIepakojumaasociācija Address: Vienibasgatve 11, Riga, LV-1004 Phone: +371 67326597, fax: +371 67508307 Website: www.packaging.lv The association was founded on June 15, 1995. At the moment its members are 20 companies. Since 1996 the Association of the World Packaging Organization (WPO), a full member and it provides a wide range of information gathering and sharing opportunities for all issues related to packaging.
Латвийская ассоциация упаковки


3. Below there are main participants of the packaging market and what exactly product they produce or which materials they use:


Участники рынка упаковки Прибалтики

Next a brief statistical information on the volume of the market in physical values and in monetary value is collected. Import, export and other international trade operations in the packaging and packing materials industries.

Экспорт упаковки Латвия в тоннахЭкспорт упаковки Латвия в деньгахЛатвия импорт упаковки в долларахИмпорт упаковки в Латвтю в тоннах


4. Packaging market of Lithuania.

First of all the description of the Lithuanian Packaging Association.

The Lithuanian Packaging Association was established in September 1994. In 1995 it became a member of the World Packaging Organization - WPO (WorldPackagingOrganisation). The center of the Association is KaraliausMindaugo 21, LT-3000 Kaunas, Lithuania. The packaging industry is more developed in Lithuania than in Latvia and Estonia, not all representatives of the market are members of this organization.

Литовская ассоциация упаковки


Below there is a list of the participants of the association and the key players in the packaging market in Lithuania:

Участники ассоциации

The main indicators of the Lithuanian packaging market. Import, export in monetary values and in physical values. Official and 100% up-to-date and correct information at first-hand.

Экспорт упаковки Литва в тоннахЭкспорт упаковки Литва а долларах

Импорт упаковки в Литву в физических величинах                   Импорт упаковки в Литву в денежном выражении

5. The packaging market in Estonia is quite small also it has its own Association of Manufacturers.


The Estonian Association of Plastics (EPA) is the leading trade association of the Estonian plastics industry, it unites 35 enterprises manufacturing plastic products, among them 5 manufacturers and distributors of flexible packaging in Estonia.

Aarspak OÜ  www.aarspak.ee  

ПPolymeric packaging, packaging projects "on a turn-key basis".

Arcespri OÜ  arcespri@gmail.com

Large distributors of packaging materials.

Dagöplast AS   www.dagoplast.ee  

The main manufacturers of polyethylene foil and products made of it, plastic pipes and other materials from polymers.

ESTIKO-PLASTAR AS   www.plastar.ee

Manufacture of packaging for food industry.

EstPak Plastik AS   www.estpakplastik.ee  

Manufacture of plastic containers - PS, OPS, PP, PET.


Trademarks of companies belonging to the association:

ассоциация упаковки Эстонии


Basic parameters and indices of the Estonian packaging market. The amount of imports and exports in physical values and in monetary values. Up-to-date information.

Эстония упаковка экспорт а тоннахЭстония экспорт упаковки в долларах

Эстония импорт упаковки в тоннах            Эстония импорт упаковки в долларах


We Are kindly asking you to pay attention to the fact that the given information is basic and incomplete that is used in the work and analysis of markets and tendencies. For more information feel free to contact us in any way convenient for you.

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Analysis of the Baltic Packaging Materials Market