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Флаг Украины           Герб Украины

Capital: Kiev

Population: 45,198,200 (2015)

Area: 579,320 (2015)

GDP per capita: 2,115 (2015)

GDP, billion current US$:90,6 (2015)

Gini index: 24.09 (2014)

Ease of Doing Business Ranking: 80 (2017)

               Map of Ukraine

Ukraine is a state with an export-oriented economy. The country is rich in mineral resources and has huge agricultural lands. Having successful management of the leaders, Ukraine has every chance to become one of the world's leading economies. However, at the moment there is quite high level of corruption which however does not prevent economic growth from recovering.

Ukraine possesses a well-developed industry. In 1991 having got the independence Ukraine had the most developed industry among the rest of the CIS countries. In Ukraine the following industries are developed:

- Let;

- Chemical industry;

- Mechanical engineering;

- Building materials manufacturing;

- Consumer goods industry;

- Agriculture.


We will provide selection of a business partner in Ukraine: dealer, distributor, supplier or manufacturer. We will carry out the marketing analysis, selection of tenders, advertising campaign, negotiations, recruiting , certification !!!


Responsible for the region:

◊  Nesterenko Kiril

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Business partner in Ukraine