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 Flag of China     Coat of arms of China


Capital: Beijing

Population: 1 371 220 000 (2015)

Area: 9,388,211 (2015)

GDP per capita: 7,925 (2015)

GDP, billion current US$: 10 866,4 (2015)

Gini index: 42.16 (2012)

Ease of Doing Business Ranking: 78 (2017)

Map of China         


The question of finding partners in China at the moment is very important for many companies. At the same time trading is interesting in both directions. Many companies that were the first to cooperate with China and found partners there are developing well till today. When selecting a supplier from China or a partner it is important to make sure there is a serious production facility and a possibility of accepting the first batch of goods directly on the spot. The negotiating process and placing an order in China is quite a complicated process, but after the launch of the first few batches of goods there are usually no problems.

According to the task you have set, several potential suppliers from China are being searched. After that preliminary negotiations are made via mail. As a result the list is revised. After that a trip is planned for negotiations and inspection of the enterprise. We meet, we accompany we help to finally sign a contract.


To promote your goods in China we suggest using the Guangdong logistics center, the city of Gotong.


Responsible for the region:

◊  Yu Wong

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Suppliers from China
Suppliers from China

Suppliers from China. Particularities of search and wholesale supplies of goods from China

Coal Expo, Yulin, China
Coal Expo, Yulin, China

To develop mutual relation under “Silk Road Economic Belt” between Ukraine and China, the delegation from Ukraine has attended the 12th International Coal Expo in Yulin City, Shaanxi Province.

Africa - a promising market for sales
Africa - a promising market for sales

Africa - a promising market for sales


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Business partner in China