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Coal Expo, Yulin, China


Coal Expo Yulin China

To develop mutual relation under “Silk Road Economic Belt” between Ukraine and China, the delegation from Ukraine has attended the 12th International Coal Expo in Yulin City, Shaanxi Province. The first speaker was head of the coal mining department Alexande Alekseevich Vladychenko. Kirill Nesterenko was another speaker who invited businessmen to cooperation.


Nesterenko Kiril in Coal Expo


Vladychenko Alexandr Yulin Expo 2017


Yulin Province is considered to be the coal capital of China. This city is developing very fast and has grown a lot. Ten years ago it was a small settlement. Today it is a city with 3 million people in it. One of the organizers of the Expo was Silk Bridge company which was the one that gathered the team of representatives from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan. There must have been representatives from Russian Federation, but they refused to participate at the last moment. The delegation attended coal processing plants. Unique coal processing technologies were introduced.


China Chemical Factory


The coal processing is done in the way that while processing coke coal the mass of related products is received and it is also sold. After coke coal processing they get 4 types of chemical compounds and coke that are sold afterwards. Besides while processing they get gas which then is used in foundry for obtaining magnesium alloy, they even make a break out of production waste.


4 Chemical elements from coke


Another enterprise receives partly processed feed coal and with the help of complex chemical processes they get chemical compounds that are in demand all over the world. (GBL. NMP. BDO). Their production facilities are fully loaded.

In Chine there have never been any industrial sites like in Ukraine, that’s why the Chinese government has been building and is still building industrial parks. These are industrial districts with prepared communications and industrial premises. Each park provides unique conditions for investors. It can be free-of-charge offices and tax incentives, for sure. It’s important to notice that China is a communist country. The country’s government actively supports business development. Unfortunately, Ukraine today can offer nothing relevant to foreign investors, even its own business can’t provide for state’s support. Ukraine has one-of-a-kind position, but our state hasn’t learnt how to make good use of it yet.

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Coal Expo, Yulin, China