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China Expansion to Ukraine?


Биржа Бохай



In November 2016g. The State Property Fund of Ukraine sold 99.9% of the shares of the Ukrainian Bank for Reconstruction and Development to the Chinese company Bohai Commodity Exchange Co., Ltd. This company was the only company that showed interest in buying a bank. Bohai Commodity Exchange Co., Ltd is the largest spot exchange commodity exchange in China with a turnover of 1 trillion US dollars per year. In the near future, Chinese investors should receive permission from the National Bank of Ukraine to replenish the capital of the Chinese asset, which was acquired in Ukraine. This purchase is likely interesting for China, as a strategic acquisition of China on the way to the European market. In addition, the branches of agriculture, engineering and infrastructure are quite promising. The fact that the commodity exchange of China was bought by the bank, speaks of the seriousness of the intentions of potential investors. The presence of such an instrument will allow Chinese investors to enter the Ukrainian market (and in the future also to the European market) through a platform that can be trusted. To date, the share of Chinese investment in Ukraine does not exceed 1%.

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China Expansion to Ukraine?