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Suppliers from China


The first contacts with suppliers from China were made about 10 years ago for trial purchase of component parts. Back then it was clear that the saying " The East is a delicate matter" has serious reasons for it. During this period of our communcation, due to our trial-and-error method, we have obtained some good knowledge base which we would like to share with you. We hope this article helps you with searching suppliers and wholesale supplies of goods from China.


Delegation in China


Today Chinese plants are developing heavily. Their industry is growing due to the enormous domestic market. There are lots of plants and factories of China that work for their domestic market demand. The state actively stimulates manufacturers development in China. Each year along with regular manufacturing companies new innovative companies appear as well. At the same time many world companies have "stuffed" Chinese plants well enough with technology that today allows Chinese manufacturers to develop extensively and provide deceny quality. However in case of high quality the price isn't going to be low. Speaking of price policy that is formed at factories of China it's worth mentioning the following nuances. The state takes part in developing of the industry of China. Very often some districts and regions are customized for specific products output. It means that all manufacturers of some product are based in the vicinity from each other. There are associate factories as well that produce the component parts for assembling product of one kind or another in China, they are also based closely to the manufacturers. Regarding this the logistics is minimal and the party of one-type products reaches huge proportions.


China Industry


Perception of technical details and criteria of Chinese manufacturers is quite specific. It's important to take into consideration that the Chinese are very hard-working and attentive engineers. Though they respond very distinctively to any changes of criteria while placing an order. A lot of things that are important for Europeans will not be of any importance for a Chinese engineer. The other way round things that you would never pay attention to get our Chinese partners confused. So while negotiating or placing an order it's important to define clearly the criteria and priorities and set well-defined tasks.


China Machinery Factory


Example 1.

A machine-building enterprise places an order for special component parts for its production. They send all necessary drawings for confirmation, then get an initial price quotation and see that the price including delivery doesn't differ much from the exsiting offers for today. The price for a detail at Chinese factory is about 8$. The management takes a strong-willed decision and offers the Chinese company to reduce the price to 6$. Couple days later the Chinese plant confirms the price and signs the contract. 60 days later our machine-building enterprise happilly receives their first party of the goods. At the input quality control it turns out  that there is bronze bushing in the party of the delivered goods which is a little different from the bronze specified in the drawing. The Chinese partneres get informed of the situation and their reply is that the bronze according to that drawing costs 8$. But we wanted the goods that cost 6$......It's good that changing the bronze didn't have serious influence on the quality of goods produced by the enterprise and taking into acccount the fact that there were not any reliable suppliers in Ukraine the supplies were approved and from then on those compoment parts were purchased from that industrial enterprise in China. Here I have one question, having asked the price 2$ we would.... what?

 - Could receive a wooden part...


Example 2.

The customer gives a new sample of leather goods for placing them at production facilities in China. The contract was agreed. The factory in China starts production. A week before shipping and before final payment we check the goods at the factory. We examine almost finished party of the goods. It turns out that a zipper is made in a wrong way. It happens to be not a big deal for the manufacturer, so they just didn't pay attention. Of course the party was made over again and sent with a small delay to the customer.


Example 3.

A customer places an order for equipment at one of the plants in China. There were preliminary technical studies, then final solutions to all issues at the enterprise in China. Two days in row our engineers agreed upon all ins and outs. And when it seemed that all the issues were settled, the most complicated ones were over in our engineers' opinion, that's when the most heated dispute flares up over rubber gaskets. It took us all day to agree this issue. Actullay the whole order placement was on hold. Only owing to our local Chinese agent's experience the placement issue was settled.


Partner in China


Nowadays lots of Chinese manufacturers put solar panels on a roof of their production facilities. China in 2017 beat the target in producing renewable power plants. Many Chinese innovative companies keep on developing energy-saving technologies and technologies for renewable energy. We hope this article is helpful for you. We've tried to describe some specific intricacies while searching partners in China. But trust us as a local experinced person can do it, no one else can. Contact us. It will cost you only 150$ to get a thorough search of Chinese suppliers as well as their study and with the help of this information you will ba able to have wholesale supplies from China.

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